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Your 6 advantages with Enders camping toilets

The operation of these chemical toilets is child’s play

These 6 advantages demonstrate the uniquely easy operation of the Enders “Mobile WC Deluxe” camping toilet. When developing this chemical toilet a lot of importance was placed on comfort. This in turn created characteristics which put the Enders “Mobile WC Deluxe” camping toilet high above other commercial chemical toilets. As a result of all this wonderful innovation the camping toilet was awarded the Caravaning Design Award 2010.

Befüllen des Abwassertanks der Chemietoilette

Very accommodating–
Filling the wastewater tank

Thanks to the 360° pivotable filling pipe, the Enders “Mobile WC Deluxe” chemical toilet can be filled comfortably and easily. This also helps to avoid splashes when adding sanitation liquid to the camping toilet. You do not have to aim into an inflexible opening. The pivotable pipe on the chemical toilet is thus very accommodating.

Befüllen des Frischwassertanks der Campingtoilette

Filling the fresh water tank

The fresh water tank of the chemical toilet is equipped with a vertical filler that is aligned at a 90° angle to the floor. To fill the camping toilet with sanitation liquid, the fresh water and wastewater tanks do not have to be separated from each other. Once you have set up the camping toilet in your boat or caravan it can be filled with fresh water additives without the need to dismantle or move it. Yet another advantage of this clever, attractive design which was enough to convince the jury of the Caravaning Design Award 2010.

Kolbenpumpe der Chemie Toilette

Highly efficient–
The piston pump

Commercial camping toilets such as the well known Porta Potti brand work with bellows pumps. You can find more information about this further down the page. The comfortable version – the piston pump – is frequently offered as a special retrofit part. With the “Mobile WC Deluxe” chemical toilet from Enders you do not have to pay extra and refit your toilet retrospectively. This comfort is already included. Thanks to the piston pump, the chemical toilet quickly builds up high pressure and efficiently flushes away all waste and residue.

Füllstandsanzeige der Camping Toilette

The level indicator

You can tell when your camping toilet needs emptying by just looking at the level indicator. If the coloured graduation of the level indicator is green, then everything is fine; if it is red the toilet needs to be emptied. The level indicator can even be easily read in semi-darkness. This saves you the effort of picking up the toilet, which can weigh up to 30 kg when full, to determine whether it is full or not. A simple glance will tell you everything you need to know. This comfortable feature is often left out by other manufacturers or can only be found on much more expensive models.

Ausschwenkbares Entleerungsrohr der Chemie Toilette mit Entlüftungsventil

No glugging–
The pivotable emptying pipe with ventilation valve

The ventilation valve on the chemical toilet and the pivotable emptying pipe ensure that the wastewater tank can be emptied hygienically. The pivotable emptying pipe enables you to empty the chemical toilet easily with minimal lifting. And the process is made even easier as the wastewater tank can be separated from the rest of the camping toilet. The ventilation valve ensures that the liquid flows out of the tank evenly when it is being emptied. The common “glugging” noise that you hear when emptying a bottle of water is prevented as are splashes.

Transportrolle der Campingtoilette

The transport rollers

The transport rollers on the camping toilet are really useful. When the fresh water tank (16 litres) and the wastewater tank (19 litres) are both full, the chemical toilet can weigh up to a massive 40 kilograms. This makes carrying the toilet a real challenge. Thanks to the transport rollers you can save yourself this effort and transport the toilet as you would a suitcase. This is a unique feature of the camping toilet.